I will attach how to get to library. All the research has to come from there. Please, let me know if you have any questions. Since you did the proposal I thought you might want to do the annotated bibliography and maybe the paper next week. Thanks!

This assignment asks you to synthesize and reflect critically on at least 3 relevant academic sources (academic journal article, book, or book chapter) that you are planning to use in your literary research paper.

a? Use MLA essay format
a? Double space; use standard margins; use 12pt Times New Roman font
a? Give your annotated bibliography a relevant title (one that indicates your essayas main point or argument). Ex: The Wolf in Literature a Murderer or Teacher?: An Annotated Bibliography
a? Underneath the title, write your thesis statement. Ex: In the literature of Judeo-Christian cultures, the wolf has been used as a symbol of fear and destruction, often depicted as a predator or murderer or symbol of sexual aggression. However, in many Eastern and indigenous cultures, the wolf is revered as a positive symbol that represents learning, guidance, loyalty and intuition.
a? Under the thesis, begin your annotations. Begin with an MLA-style bibliographic entry.
a? Under the bibliographic entry, write your annotation. For example:

Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men. New York: Scribner, 1979. Print.
The book Of Wolves and Men was a National Book Award finalist when it was first published in 1978. The author Barry Lopez provides many examples of both positive and negative symbolism of the wolf in Western and non-Western literature. He examines Native American views of the wolf and its positive symbolism in indigenous cultures. This book will support my thesis that non-Western cultures regarded the wolf as a symbol of loyalty, spiritual guidance, and renewal in both oral and written traditions. This book also provides examples in Western literature that portray the wolf as a symbol of manas struggle with his instinctual urges and bestial nature.

Your annotations for each of your 3 sources should do the following:
a? In your own words, summarize the sourceas main points
a? Describe how the source will help you to support your essayas thesis.
a? Each annotation should be no more than 3/4 page, double spaced.


I will attach my topic and my Annotated Bibliography.
I will also attach how to get on the library.

Please use the following as guideline for the work.
1. The paper will be at least 2000 words.

2. You will use at least four secondary (authoritative/scholarly) sources in addition to the literary text or texts you are analyzing. For our purposes, primary sources include the actual story, poem, or play under discussion while the secondary sources are articles written about those texts. You must conduct literary research: surfing the web for blogs, .org sites, wikis, or for-profit sites do not fall into the prescribed category required for this assignment. Librarians are available to assist; you need only take the initiative.

3. All sources must be correctly documented in MLA or APA style. Refer to your Hacker guide or the Purdue Online Writing Lab () for reference to this.

4. You must complete a rough draft that you share with your writing peers. If you do not submit a rough draft for feedback, your final draft will not qualify to earn the 250 possible points.

5. Your paper will include both in-text (or parenthetical) citations and a Works Cited page. This will not be included in your word count. All works you consult, including the bibliographical information for the story, poem, or play must be included. For help, please see your Writers Reference