Ritical reasoning (this is almost running tandem with my Phil of science!)

!. Justifying Induction.
Sorry to load you with more work. I am very behind. I care for my disabled mother and she has been ill. Hate to ask you to do more but like your work.
My tutor say this-
There have been many attempts, over the years, to justify induction in the face of Humes arguments. The Dissolution solution and the Pragmatic solution and the Reliabilist solution.
Question 1.is Are you suspicious about the claim that induction cannot be justified? If so are you attracted by any of the responses offered here?Explain which response attracts you and why.
Question 2. 1)Why are we right to say that radiators do not act rationally? ( Yu can turn the question around the other way if you want) e.g. Why we should say radiators are rational.
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