Ritical Refelection on Personal Pedagogy

The essay needs to be based on a critique of my personal pedagogy as an early years practitioner.
The essay needs to take into account several (at least 3) different international perspectives of pedagogy. Please start with a definition of pedagogy from several different sources including a brief history of the term. Please include pioneers of pedagogy including Paulo Friere and, Te whariki curriculum and Montessori. It needs to include authentic pedagogy including inner self and values and beliefs. As an early years practitioner my practice has been influenced by inspirational leaders, this will need to be integrated in the essay which is backed up by theory and research. For example my great aunt is Emmeline Pankhurst whos passion and beliefs inspire me today to be an inspirational early years practitioner and change practice for the better. Also my secondary school teacher always believed in me and that my calling in life was to work with children, she would always support me in a quest to better myself all the time irrelevant to barriers. I also believe that my experiences as a child within the family context have influenced my practice, here I can make links with Bronfenbrenners ecological system that the microsystem needs to be in place and supported by practitioners to support child development and make crucial links with the other systems. As practitioners I believe we need to integrate and support families better. Outdoor play featured heavily in my early years with large elements of risk taking and I strongly believe in allowing children in our care today to assess their own risks in risky outdoor play. There are links here with Jerome Bruners folk pedagogy which I would like including please.
I have worked my way through my training to become an early years setting manager which has taken a considerable amount of time and determination and would like to include this within the essay if possible. My current job of nursery manager is the most challenging role I have been in to date as it is a setting that needs a competent manager with passion and drive because it is very low on numbers and has an undesirable reputation in the local town. I can relate this experience greatly to my secondary school experience whereby I found everyday a struggle as I was not naturally educationally gifted, I had to work very hard. This hard work and determination paid off with me becoming Head Girl in my final year. These experiences have all impacted on my practice today.
Please include any other theorists or research that you feel may be relevant as the reference list is only a guideline.

The essay really needs to integrate my beliefs and influences and critically evaluate these in reference to key personal, professional and academic experiences.

Referencing Requirements:
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