Ritical Reflection Journal. Chicago Struggles for Public Education

Critical Reflection Journal.
Chicago Struggles for Public Education

The struggle for Little Village High School and La CasitaWhittier Fieldhouse?

What are some ways in which communities have pushed back against education policies that they deem unfair?

Critical Reading Journals and the Discussion format

The structure and format of discussion may change, but students should be prepared to engage in conversations in the following ways:
Ask any questions for clarification
Provide a brief summary of the reading (s)
Identify 3 significant quotes. You might ask yourself the following as youre reading that may help you narrow down:
o How did it feel to read the workin the heart, in the spirit, in the mind, on the senses? Why? What windows or doors did it open in you? Why? Did it close anything down?
o What important philosophical issues does the work raise (questions about goodness, truth, beauty, justice, love, meaning, life, death and God)? What does it say about these issues?
o Why does the material matter? What significance does it have in the larger scheme of things?
o How did the piece make you speculate about life or a connection to another text or set of ideas?
Generate 2 questions for discussion.
Applications for teaching and learning.

The Critical Reading Journal entries will be no more than one page single spaced that incorporates the aforementioned elements and will be collected in each session.
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