Ritical reflection of communication skills relevant to selected clinical scenario

In this essay you will critically discuss, with reference to the evidence-based literature, the factors that enhance and impede your communication with a patient experiencing a distressing symptom. Your essay should conform to the following format:
1. Introductory summary

Consider a situation that has occurred in your acute nursing practice that is related to PainIn 100-200 words, provide a brief introduction and summary of the patientas clinical presentation and their history of that symptom.

2. Reflection: Interpersonal communication skills

Now systematically consider the following interpersonal communication skills outlined in Reading 2.6 (Brammer and McDonald 2003).
a. Listening
b. Leading
c. Reflecting
d. Confronting
e. Interpreting
f. Informing
g. Summarising.

Describe what each of these skills are and how they contribute to good communication. Which of these skills were evident in your clinical interaction with your patient, and which might you use in the future to enhance the communication process? Which of these communication skills did you not practise so well in this situation, and how might you enhance your abilities in this area? Use literature to justify your answer.

3. Enablers and impediments to interpersonal communication
Consider the following potential obstacles to good interpersonal communication about symptom management in the acute care environment. Which of these were evident in your clinical interaction with your patient? How did they manifest? How did you deal with them at the time, and how would you deal differently with them in the future?

a. Physical environment
b. Nurse-related obstacles
c. Patient-related obstacles
d. Cultural or social issues.