Ritical Reflection On Forensic Practice Placement.

In reflection , reflect upon practice placement and discuss your development in proffesional / ethical practice , care delivery, care management and personal/ proffessinal development. it is essential that you draw upon your experiences in practice to demonstrate achievements of learning. Reflection uopn Enqiry Based Learning(EBL)activitie and how those may have contributed to my development in practice.

What i have learnt personnaly includes:
1) Am familiar with medication given to mental health patients
2) Familiar with Risk accessment
3) Integration of class room theories into clinical practices i.e adaptation of Peplaus model(patience nursing relationship).
4) How to monitor and control patients with violent behavour on a forecnsic unit.
5) Have learnt about hallucination, schizophrenia.
6) causes of mental illness and various types of mental illness.
7) Policies and sections in mental health.

ATTENTION PLEASE: Am going to fax you my hard copy of the assgnment.
Harvard referencing system.