Ritical reflection on the intervention (2750 words) + feetback sheets (1250words?)

This new assignment is the second part of an intervention. In the 1st part, I had to write up an intervention proposal (please find the attached file). I got Bfor the intervention proposal. Can you help me do the 2nd assignment which asks about Critical reflection on this intervention (2750 words) + appendix containing evidence of the intervention (maybe you write up 4 answer sheets: 1250 words).
You need to write a critical reflection on successes and weakness of the intervention.
This will involve you showing evidence that you have evaluated the intervention you conducted, and reflected on its effectiveness.
The word limit is 3000 words.
We will be looking for:
i?? Capacity to apply theoretical and research based knowledge in implementation and evaluation of the intervention.
i?? Ability to present the critical reflection in a structured, organised and coherent manner.
i?? Ability to analyse and summarise the perceived success of the intervention on the basis of the evidence presented.
i?? Ability to critically reflect on their own role in the intervention.
i?? Initiative in finding and selecting relevant material.
i?? Comprehension of the literature base and its application to the intervention conducted.
i?? Ability to present cogent arguments and draw appropriate conclusions that are well grounded in the theory and relevant evidence from the research literature.
i?? Capacity to reflect on the ability of abstract theory to account for lived experiences.
i?? Capacity to deal with complexity and/or contradictions in the knowledge base.
i?? Ability to relate academic theory and research to issues of policy and practice
i?? Sustained and considered engagement with relevant ethical issues.
Guidance will be provided by module coordinators during taught sessions, and in supervision meetings
In addition to your Critical Reflection, you will need to submit evidence that you have conducted the intervention. You need to provide a detailed record of the implementation of the intervention, including materials used, and, where appropriate, audio visual recordings. You need to show evidence that you have completed the intervention, and give detailed records of what you did and how you did it. You should seek guidance from module coordinators during supervision meetings to agree what forms of evidence are suitable for the intervention you are conducting, and how this should be presented.
Deadline: 30th June 2015

My intervention proposal is about practicing 2 small exercises (sitting meditation and breathing observation) of Mindfulness based stress reduction program which is suggested by Jon Kabat-zinn. Five international students who do studies at Universityi?? will be invited to join in this intervention. They form a peer support group. I will be the group leader who provide the practicing materials and take note of all the participantsi?? opinion. The purpose of this support group is to practice together two exercises of mindfulness based stress reduction suggested by Jon Kabat-zinn (2005): sitting meditation and breathing observation. The steps that can be followed in relation four 1 hour session. Therefore, one session will be conducted every week. In the beginning, the participants will do a stress scale name PSS (Appendix 5 in the ethics form). Then they will discuss to compromise about the practice. After 4 weeks, the participants will be asked to give their feedback. At this time, they will answer some opened questions about physical, emotional and mental change (Appendix 6 in the ethics form).

For the evidence, can you help me write up 4 feedback sheets (answer the post intervention questionnaire)?