Ritical Reflections Paper: Examining Social Justice and Equality

*One the sources used must be, Social Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security”, by: Steven Hick*

*Examine society s values, attitudes, and treatment of people who are entitled to social welfare protection.

*Demonstrate an understanding of theories of social justice and an ability to apply the concepts.

*Describe the role of social justice amid equality in social policy and social work practice.

-Social Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security
-By: Steven Hick
For example, Hick states:
Income security programs are at the center of the welfare state in Canada. These programs do much more than protect the poor from destitution; income security programs are used by all sectors of society. Over the course of our lives, almost everyone benefits from Canada s income security system. Some people retire and draw retirement benefits, some become incapacitated and draw on income support benefits, while others may become unemployed and require Employment Insurance (EI). IN short, income security programs provide social protection for all Canadians, if and when they need it. (Pp.1-2)

*The following questions must be answered within the paper:
1.What is meant by the term  socially just social welfare?
2. What does the book, Social Welfare in Canada: Understanding Income Security”, by: Steven Hick and other readings you choose to use, offer as suggestions for moving toward a socially just society?
3. What is the relationship between social justice, equality and human rights?
4. How do you understand  poverty ? Why is this an issue? What are some consequences?
5. How might social justice be assessed or factored into welfare design and delivery?
6. How is justice to be understood amid the competing aims and needs of state and diverse societal groups?
7. Describe the roles and responsibilities of Canadian social workers in international social justice issues.
8. What is the role of social workers in helping to achieve just relations in Canadian society?
9. Identify at least two social justice issues related to particular vulnerable populations in Canada.

*Please refer to my fax for the marking criteria*