Ritical Reflective dissertaion on The tutorial”

I have to submit an online portfolio consisting of a dissertation of 7000 words with accompanying appendices.The aim of the portfolio is for me to tell the reader a Storyabout my teaching and learning practice based in the context in which I work but it is not just what i do (it is more than description) it is to explain why I take the actions i do (the rationale). Why do i choose one teaching method over another? What evidence supports that decision (student data, observation data, student work, educational literature)? What limitations do i have to work with (student numbers, resources etc.)? As a starting point i need to try to finish these sentences Learning (in my discipline) is….and Teaching is…to try and state as clearly and simply as i can my beliefs about what learning and teaching are and should be at university. I then need to use the portfolio to persuade my reader and my assessors why these beliefs are valid? they dont have to agree with my beliefs or share them and they might be very distinctive to my subject and to my context but if i can give an explanation and can show evidence for why i make decisions all the time about how to teach then you i am fulfilling the aims of the portfolio. The assessors need to see that I am critically reflecting on my teaching so that i can problem-solve when things go wrong and i can build on what goes well.
I am being asked to be explicit about my personal theories of teaching but we are not often asked to be explicit about and explain them. My tutor tells me that sometimes our actual practice in classrooms does not always align to these beliefs and values for all kinds of reasons. Writing the portfolio might reveal those discrepancies between what I say and what I do and that can be part of my account of my teaching practice.

I can structure your portfolio:

1) Chronological over a period of time so where was you say 2 years ago and where am I now?
2) Thematically e.g. teaching and learning, assessment, curriculum design, evaluation or other themes maybe research-teaching links, teaching for employability or any other theme that is important to you
3) Or around critical incidents e.g. key events that have changed what you do good or bad

Or around any other idea. I need to include an initial statement to explain me and my context and make sure i have an introduction where i explain what i am going to do in the portfolio and a conclusion where i summarise and where i may want to make recommendations for how i will develop my teaching in the future probably drawing on what i have identified as important in writing the portfolio. I need to include evidence to help explain the claims I make (these will be my appendices, i have many of them , they include students feedback forms, booklets where students write notes from tutorial, lesson plans, video blogs). I can also look at the observations i had for my course are there comments in the feedback that could be useful? What did I learn from these? (I can send them too)

I am hoping my personal experience of education will help in the writing of this dissertation. Although reflective it also has to have a very solid theoretical grounding (with papers and theories on learning and teaching) to prove my points.
In brief I am 34 year old, am british but went to a french school and did the French Baccalaureat (alot of wrote teaching), I then went on to study dentistry , then Medicine (which i did not finish) and a Masters in Cancer Research where I wrote a thesis based on experiment in a lab. I started teaching part time 8 years ago as a clinical demonstrator , just helping out with patients and occasionally with students. I got the opportunity to see as an outsider clinical teachers methods and positive and negative points that different teaching methods (giving out info on handout vs student note taking ect…) have on students and how much personality of both teacher and student play a part in the learning and teaching process. I went on to become a clinical teacher myself where my sole focus is getting students to learn and teaching them.
I work in a large dental teaching hospital and have been teaching on the Acute Dental Care department (basically emergency dentistry) for 8 years. I teach final year dental students in groups of 10 maximum. They clark in patients and present the cases to me and we create short term treatment options. We never know what cases will be coming in. This is done chairside with the patient and student. At the end of busy 7 hour days we do a consolidatory 1 hour tutorial in which students have booklets (that remain on department) where they share cases, questions, moral dilemnas, drug interaction.. (basically anything). These booklets are done by each group and are available for all 250 final year dental students to look at. I instigated this booklet system as i found that not having any written info meant less was retained but i also noted that if i created the handout students failed to take anything on board. I have tried to get students to create a handout themselves during these tutorial session, I have noticed that this seems to be a great way of students assimilating and remembering information but we simply to not seem to have enough time on clinic.
During these tutorials we use cases seen that day to explore issues, consolidate information and bring up difficult questions. I am a firm believer that in my discipline (maybe due to the fact that it is clinical and very hands on but also requires a huge amount of factual information) that these small teaching sessions provide a wonderful, efficient way of getting important information across to students and is a great way of getting it understood by students. It also provides a personal link which allows me to pick up on difficulties individual students are having and address them before they become problematic. I also understand that it is not the most cost effective or simple way of getting info across and does require more teaching staff to be employed by the trust and requires more time.
I have been struggling to even get started on this but did submit an assignemnt on the role of social media, in particular facebook in teaching which i could give to you and maybe points of this could be incorporated.
I will upbload the feedback on my teaching observations and my previous assignment as well.
Please help I am stuck! Also as I am always doing shift work it is much easier to contact me via email as i can respond at any time of day but i cannot pick up my phone on clinic. Many thanks.