Ritical Response Is Beowulf the ideal hero and king, or are there flaws in his character?

Step 1: read the prompt question carefully. Reflect on Beowulf and formulate your answer to the question. This does not include your opinion of the book.
Step 2: Ask yourself, Why did I come to my answer?What examples in the book support your answer?

Step 3: Go find the examples from Step 2 in the book. Find the best quotes from those passages. If you cannot find supporting quotes, return to Step 1 and rethink your answer using evidence you find
Step 4: write your paragraph.
Chunk 1 (one sentence): state your answer
Chunk 2 (one sentence including a quote and citation): present your textual evidence.
Chunk 3 (aim for 1-3 sentences): explian your evidence. What is it showing, and how does that relate to your answer from Chunk 1?
Repeat Chunks 2 and 3 until you have presented all evidence. You should have at least two examples.
Chunk 4 (aim for 1-2 sentences): come to a conclusion about the theme. ask yourself, What does this mean?and Why does a reader of Beowulf need to understand this concept to understand the poem?”
This is a short piece of writing. Think about this as one paragraph of a literary analysis essay. Even though this is only going to be a one-page response, you must show me in the short space that you can find evidence in a book and make conclusinons about what it means.