Ritical Response Paper on The Book of Job (Mithells Version)

Critical Response Paper: The third assignment, a 700-900 word critical essay, is geared toward deepening your understanding and appreciation of various religious and non-religious worldviews. You will have the opportunity to critically reflect upon the assigned readings (Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism, etc.) and class discussions. The purpose of the response paper is to express your understanding of the material, while also exploring your own ideas as to the meaning of death/dying/living within a religious worldview. Students are to explore an idea/theme/problem/etc. as it pertains to the assigned readings. This entails that each student analyze and summarize the ideas and arguments prior to evaluating the position discussed, i.e. make sure you fully grasp the idea before you judge it. The presentation and/or summarization of an idea should be proportional to the studentas reflections and/or evaluation. This assignment is NOT re-writeable.

a? Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt font, standard margins, double spacing (do not add extra space between paragraphs).
o Please enter the following information into the header: Name, course section, date, title. (Make sure this information appears on each page)
o Enter page number in either the header or footer
a? Word Count: 700-900 words
o Please enter the word count at the bottom corner of the paper.
a? Citation: Please follow a standard citation method (APA, MLA, etc.). When citing please footnote all citations. If you have never footnoted before, please speak with myself or a member of the Writing Center. Lastly, please review the issues and problems of plagiarism.
o If you have any questions regarding citation, please refer to a writing manual or you can make an appointment at the writing center.