Ritical Response Question: Diversity/Individual Differences

Critical Response Question #2: Diversity/Individual Differences
During the annual career fair at Drexel (collage) many organizations may have recruiters that are Drexel alumni who have a preference for hiring other Drexel grads into their company. According to the Banaji article, is this a demonstration of a bias? Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer based on your reading.
Introduction of this article
By the time Lou Gerstner took the helm in 1993, IBM had a long history of progressive management when it came to civil rights and equal opportunity employment. But Gerstner felt IBM wasnt taking full advantage of a diverse market for talent, nor was it maximizing the potential of its diverse customer and employee base. So in 1995, he launched a diversity task force initiative to uncover and understand differences among people within the organization and find ways to appeal to an even broader set of employees and customers. Gerstner established a task force for each of eight constituencies: Asians; blacks; the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community; Hispanics; white men; Native Americans; people with disabilities; and women. He asked the task forces to research four questions: What does your constituency need to feel welcome and valued at IBM? What can the corporation do, in partnership with your group, to maximize your constituencys productivity? What can the corporation do to influence your constituencys buying decisions so that IBM is seen as a preferred solution provider? And with which external organizations should IBM form relationships to understand better the needs of your constituency? The answers to these questions became the basis for IBMs diversity strategy. David A. Thomas stresses that four factors are key to implementing any major change initiative: strong support from company leaders, an employee base that is fully engaged with the initiative, management practices that are integrated and aligned with the effort, and a strong and well-articulated business case for action. All four elements have helped IBM make diversity a key corporate strategy tied to real growth.

Surface level responses will not be acceptable. The responses should serve as evidence that you have thought seriously about the question and topic. Many of the questions will ask you to apply a concept from your reading. Your responses should reflect that you have done your studying and reading before attempting to answer the question. While there are not necessarily a?righta? or a?wronga? answers to these questions, your response should clearly reflect that you have completed your reading and have given critical consideration to the question being posed.

It is your responsibility to complete and submit these assignments by the due date and time. CRQ responses will be evaluated for quality and depth of response. Please read these guidelines carefullya they detail the expectations for the CRQs:

Your responses to these questions should be approximately two typed pages (12 pt font, single spaced). The short length should not be confused with lack of depth. It is more challenging to write in a focused, direct manner.

Evaluation: The CRQ responses will be based on the following method:
a? Each response will be given a score out of 10 points, dependent on quality. Entries that are merely an opinion or experience not supported or connected to the readings, or entries that suggest the reading has not be done will not be eligible for a score higher than a 6. Management and leadership is a scientific field, and while there is a place for opinion, the purpose of these responses is to compose responses based on a combination of reading, research, and your own assessment. To receive a score of 7/10, at minimum the response must show a knowledge of the assigned reading. To earn an above average score (8-10), you must demonstrate critical thinking about the question that is reflective of understanding the readings, but also being able to assess and integrate them in a meaningful and insightful way.
Please use easy words and sentences.
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