Ritical Response to David Miller Immigration : The Case for limits”

This paper would be a critical response to David Miller s article  Immigration: The Case for Limits . We have to use Kok Chor Tan Justice Without Borders, Comopolitianism, Nationalism and Patriotism (Cambridge ,2004) and Peter Singer One World (Yale 2004) as resources for argumentation of this critical discussion (obligatory).
1. Plagiarism (it may be result of cancelation of studentship) is strictly prohibited, Use correct references method.
2. Language should be communicating, easy to read for any reader.
3. This is a critical interpretation of David Millers Article. There should be Well-organized argument and creativity.
4. Mentioned two books should be used as resource for argumentation.
5. Need to apply global justice and Tan and Singers book as I mentioned above to criticize the view of David Miller s Article