Ritical Response to Nicholas Carrs Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

Your critical response essay should contain the following:

a? Introduction
o Summarize one of the above essays based on guidelines in the LB Brief
o End with your thesis
a? Thesis should reflect your overall assessment of the essay--strengths, weaknesses, or both.
a? Body (choose a couple of the following to discuss)
o Assess an essayas strengths and/or weaknesses based on specific criteria:
a? Quality of thesis
a? Quality of evidence
a? Bias--how does writer deal with opposing views?
a? Writeras background/credibility
a? Does writer achieve his/her purpose?
a? Effective use of language
a? Anything noteworthy about the writeras language?
a? What made it clear or confusing?
a? Is the tone effective/appropriate?
a? ***Other ideas gleaned from the two videos in Blackboard. Please go to the a?Discussion Boarda? then to a?Class Notesa? to review this info
o a?Then vs. Nowa? section [OPTIONAL]
a? In the paragraph right before your conclusion, you may discuss the relevance of the article today. When was it written? Is the information outdated? How has the issue evolved?

a? Conclusion
o You may briefly discuss your opinion of the main issue presented in the essay. This is the only section of the essay where you should do soa the body of the essay is a critique.
a? Letas say the topic of the essay is cloning. In your conclusion, you can briefly state where you stand and how your views have been affected by the authoras work and/or the outside research. Keep the conclusion fairly brief.

IMPORTANT: Your goal for this assignment is to explain why the essay is well written or not using the guidelines provided throughout this assignment sheet.