Ritical review a paper concerned with change.

Critical review a paper concerned with change. Allowed journals from one of these following sources: British Journal of Management, Human relations, Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Change Management, Journal occupational and organization psychology, journal of organizational behaviour, journal of organizational change management, organization studies, personnel psychology and personel review.

Once selected, read your paper, and then prepare a critical review of that paper. The review should address/include the following:
a? A full Harvard reference for the paper you have chosen. THIS SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THE FIRST PAGE IN HARVARD FORMAT.
a? A BRIEF synopsis or summary of the paper in your own words (i.e. not a reproduction of the articleas abstract), which should outline its content and identify the nature of the paper.
a? Assessment of the research methods used and if you feel they are the most appropriate method (GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR VIEWS).
a? Discussion of the paperas results a what are the key findings a what does it add to the body of knowledge a what does it tell us about change?
a? Identification of the researchas practical implications (if any).
a? An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the paper (GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR VIEWS).

But, I provide my selection journal under attachment in order to be addressed. Moreover, I provide the example of how you are going to make the format.