Ritical review and application in Dell Company

Assignment requirements

* Length: 1500
* Task
Critically evaluate a number of different diagnoses models and/or strategies to determine which is the most appropriate for diagnosing change within your chosen organisation. Once you have conducted the critical evaluation, use the chosen model/strategy to undertake a diagnosis of the organisation.

The aims of the assignment are:
* To focus on critical evaluation skills within the specific topic area of diagnosis develop a thorough understanding of different models and strategies of diagnosis and when each might be appropriate
*To develop critical argument and application skills
*To develop skills in presenting a balanced argument of theory and organisational practice to the reader
*To develop formal writing skills.

Personal requirements:

*Use journal and trusted internet sources for references (no wikipedia).
*Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 use the same company to analyse. In the assignment 1 I chose HP Company.
* I have to submit my paper on Turnitin website to check the plagiarism so I need the percentage when submitting the assignment on Turnitin has to below 15%
* Using academic writting style

Assessment 1
Introduce your chosen organiosation and develop an overview of the following:
a? The nature of organisational change within your example (this should include a brief referenced discussion of organisational change)
a? The organisation, its context and background;
a? Justification of why your example is appropriate to explore the various aspects of organisational
change discussed in MGT 320;
a? A brief overview of how you plan to approach Assessments 2 and 3 using your example.
The aims of the assignment are:
* To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of how organizational change applies to workplace settings;
* To demonstrate an understanding of the nature of organisational change;
* To encourage in-depth research on particular topics; and
* To develop and practice formal writing skills.