Ritical Review and Critique on Rapid Response Team Policies for Acute Patients in Riyadh Military Hospital and the UK

this assignment i need you to corrected depending on the comments from my supervisor
this assignment suppose to compare rapid response team of inpatient deterioration
need to work more on
Firstly; you are attempting far too much as you have identified 7 areas for discussion ranging from deterioration to financial systems. There is no way you can address all these in detail as you claim. Therefore stick to what is particularly relevant for this module.

Secondly; you have focussed far too much on the patient safety aspects of the rapid response teams rather than the policy and economic aspect.

Finally; you have wandered off the topic in several places and this means that the reader can not follow your line of reasoning.

Based on these points, you need to do the following:

a? You need to conduct and provide a clear literature search and review and you analyse the evidence around RRT. There are quite a few empirical studies which examine the efficacy of RRTs but it seems that there is little to support that there is a decrease in mortality rates where RRTs have been introduced. Are we wasting our money?
a? Discuss the following areas; The nature and scope RRTs by giving a definition of what they are, how they evolved and what factors are responsible for them being introduced into health care. An RRT can take many forms so you must be clear as to the nature of the RRT you are discussing. As you know, they are also called Critical Care Outreach Teams and Emergency Resuscitation Teams in the UK.
a? Move on to discussing Activating the RRT, patient deterioration and Early Warning Scores. I have attached a DOH policy document below that you may find helpful.
a? Now discuss time taken to transfer. You have stated that patients can not be transferred between 2200 and 0700 hours but we know that this is often ignored to the point patients are discharged home in the middle of night to free up their bed. Here is a tension because if you have a RRT then there must be a system that allows then to transfer patients (otherwise, whats the point) so how do we ensure that we can care for deteriorating patients? (what happens in RMH?)
a? Lastly, discuss SBAR as a communication tool.

In the conclusion you need to: a) summarise the main points; b) highlight the benefits of having RRTs as well as the costs; c) evaluate the service they provide in the light of what you have discussed; i.e. do the benefits outweigh the costs? These teams are expensive to operate so does the empirical evidence support the outlay of scarce resources? By asking if the teams are actually effective will be much more in keeping with the module aims.

Referencing Requirements:
I will give you some references and need you to search more