Ritical Review and Future Action Plan “

For the full criteria, please find the attached file in the profile for the full instructions wich must be done precisely.

1) Review and critically evaluate reference the multimedia retail channels adopted by a retailer of your choice (they must have a minimum of 3 existing retail channels). Your analysis should include:

a) An appraisal of the challenges the organisation will have faced and the management solutions they adopted in successfully developing an integrated retail strategy.
b) An evaluation of how each existing channel meets customer needs. (67% of the grade)

2) Develop an action plan for how your retailer could extend their strategy by adding one more retail channel or developing an existing channel in light of recent technical or market innovations (in effect, what do you think their next step should be and how do you think they could best achieve it?). (33% of the grade)

In compiling this report imagine that your reader is the Chief Executive Officer of a major investor wishing to purchase a total or partial stake in the retailer under investigation.

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard Referencing norms throughout the report (both in referencing and in the bibliography). You will need to develop your arguments in relation to academic theory so inclusion of theory and research will be mandatory. Wikipedia is not accepted as an academic resource.