Ritical review assignment (green decisions:demographics and consumer understanding of environmental labels)

gerenally speaking, for this essay, the writer should read through the material which I attached called Green decisions
Because all the writing will be based on this journal. After reading the joural, the writer should follow the 4 criterias which are below:

1. critical evaluation of the research article showing insight and understanding

2. Importance of findings of the study for key stakeholders and implications for policy makers.

3. Clearly argued, referenced and well-presented essay

4. Accurate citation of reference

When you start to do the frist two criterias, three materials
(critical evaluation of published research and The checklist and critical analysis of a text)
I attached is the guide for the write how to write them.
consumer behavoiur 3-4 books or journal, research method 3-4 books, food policy chain 1-2 journals, environmental labelling 1-2 journals.
total reference should above 10