Ritical review of a chapter/paper about a selected creative industry

Please select a chapter/paper about a creative industry (music industry, film industry, etc.) and write a critical review about it.

Assessment criteria:
The following criteria will be used to mark the assessment:
Research skills including reading and sourcing relevant and different types of materials;
Argumentation skills including structuring reports and providing critical and substantiated arguments ;
Logical analysis skills including weighing both the positive and negatives in the relevant texts, weighing the positive and negative in these materials.
Presentation skills including the use of correct language, style and clear and coherent expressions.

It is important to demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of a range theories related to the study of media industries; display conceptual skills when analysing media industries, processes of media production and the working practices of media professionals; and utilise skills of information retrieval, presentation and evaluation in relation to the organisation and operations of media industries in this assignment.

It would be good to use some of the sources from the following list:

Main texts:
Hesmondhalgh, David (2002). The Cultural Industries. London: Sage.
Leadbeater, C and Oakley, K (1999) The Independents: Britains new cultural entrepreneurs, London: Demos
Available at: what_we_do/creative_industries/default.aspx/

Thank you.