Ritical review of a food security intervention in Cuba

First of all, please I need to let you know that my University is very strict on the issue of PLAGIARISM so please do have that on mind!!

This assignment involves:
(a) the assessment of the food security situation of Cuba and
(b) a critical review of an existing intervention to address food insecurity whithin Cuba.
The student must satisfy the following criteria in order to pass the module:
1. Identify and prioritise the most important influences on food security in the chosen context
2. Understand and use relevant terms and concepts to describe approaches used to analyse food security
3. Understand the different methods of food security assessment
4. Source relevant nutritional and food security data and publications
5. Identify and appraise the advantages and disadvantages of a specific intervention
6. Plan and structure written work in a logical fashion

Issues to be concidered include:
Maps can be useful to help describe an unknown area
Targeting-how are the beneficiaries reached
How were the beneficiaries chosen, are they those at risk
Time period of assessment and intervntion i.e. present day or historical
Is the food security chronic or acute

Food security assessment should reflect the breadth of knowledge available and not just the needs assessment of the intervention you have chosen.

Strengths, weaknesses of intervention which factors does it address? What doesnt it address?

Marking schedule:
There are two sections to the piece of work and each has equal marks. The marking is as follows:
35% ID and prioritization of food security situation/assessment
35% Critical review of an intervention in same area
6% Correct use of terminology
6% Demonstrated understanding of methods of assessment
6% Sourcing of data and information
6% Use of constructive feedback
6% Planning and structuring of work

Food security assessment to include background to area, who, when and why are people food insecure, causes, ID of those most at risk. Seasonality, HIV, gender, cash vs crops economy, coping strategies should be mentioned as appropriate. What is the impact/effect of the food insecurity should be stated and if possible substantiated. Has the author given any personal analysis of the situation?

Evaluation to cover outline of programme, budget, beneficiary number, time frame, location, etc. Relevant experience of agency should be mentioned. Issues of dependency, sustainability, exit strategy should be discussed as appropriate. Whether the programme meets the needs identified in the first section should be discussed. Who is targeted, how are they reached/found.
Relevance of the programme to the situation, comment on M&E, ongoing assessment, Sphere standards-are they being met?
(Potential) successes and failings of the intervention and recommendations of the author.