Ritical Review of a Play In Piazza San Domenico

In Piazza San Domenico
by: Steve Galluccio

Suggested length: 750-1000 words.

The critical review should include the information below:

Title of play and name of playwright/ when play was written/ its production history/ your thesis statement (overall evaluation of the success of the production). Assert something in your thesis where you will hook your reader and make him/her want to read on!

Body paragraphs should include:
What type of play you are writing about: a tragic-comedy, comedy, tragedy, a classic, a new work, etc…and where it fits into the playwrights overall career.

Setting/time frame of the play/ Necessary background/contextual info: either about period in which play is written or about playwright, etc…

Identification of main characters/ Brief plot summary/ major and minor conflicts/ characters journey/development.

How the play is structured: traditional, non-linear, episodic, etc…

The style of the play: realistic/naturalistic, highly stylized & theatrical, minimalist, elaborate, etc…

Evaluation of the performances/be sure to identify the actors names.

Effect of sound/music design, set design, lighting, costumes, special effects…and how they contribute to overall success or (lack of) the production.

Evaluation of direction: did it do justice to the play? Was it literal or more imaginative? Was the pacing and timing effective?

What struck you as particularly good or bad about this production?
Did the production do justice to the play?
-Reiteration of thesis. A recommendation to attend the show?