Ritical review of an article ( internet Banking in malaysia and singapore)

Research methods Assignment Guidelines: Journal Article Critical Review (100%)

1. Guidance notes and marking criteria: (see X-stream  Assessment Instruction )

2. Structure suggestion:
 In introduction part, you should provide an overview the article. You should skim the article to get an idea of the general purpose and content of the article by focusing your reading on the abstract, introduction and first few paragraphs, the conclusion of the article.
 The main body part should contain your critical discussion of sources in the articles by answering as many review questions (especially critique questions) as you can.
 In conclusion part, you should discuss what you have drawn from reviewing this articles, e.g. evaluating major contribution/strength of the articles to the body of knowledge, pointing out major weakness such as methodological flaws, or gaps in research, or inconsistencies in theory and findings, and suggesting areas or issues pertinent to future study.

3. Review question suggestion:

General questions

 What is the authors purpose? (e.g. to offer advice, to make practical suggestions, to solve a specific problem, to critique, to establish the truth?)
 What is the central question they wish to answer?
 What type of literature is this? (e.g. theoretical, research, practice, policy? All or some of these? Are there links with other types of literature?)
 Does it follow a particular school of thought?
 What is its theoretical basis?
 How the authors define their key terms/definitions?
 What is the authors methodological approach? What methods are used?
 What kinds of data it use to back up its argument?
 What is the structure of the argument? What conclusion does it come to?

Critique questions (your assignment MUST include some original critique of this type to earn a good grade)

 Is the central question worth asking?
 Whether the authors are consistent in using their key terms/definitions?
 Are the authors claims supported by appropriate evidence?
 Has any generalisation made reasonable?
 Are there any underlying values may be guiding authors and influencing their claims?
 Are there any instances of irrelevant or distracting materials, or the absence of necessary materials? (Identify any literature sources to which the authors refer, that you may need to follow up)
 How convincing are the authors claims and why?
 Have the authors filled the gap they claimed?
 What is the strongest/weakest aspect of the argument/evidence?
 What questions remain for you?
 What would be a good extension or elaboration of this work?
 To what extent are claims supported or challenged by others work?
 Other questions may be relevant depending on the purpose of the review and the types of the article.
 Not all questions can be applied to any single article. You need to make your own judgement.
 Your critical review should include some citation of the article you are reviewing. All quoted materials must be identified with quotation marks and page number.