Ritical review of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems).

You have been appointed as a consultant in order to propose an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solution for integrated public transport services in the West Midlands. A range of ITS have been developed over the last few years in order to optimise the operation of public transport services. The focus of your solution should be information systems that can improve the journey experience of travellers. As part of your proposed solution, the following tasks need to be implemented: i · A review of travellersa needs based on behavioural studies in order to define the user requirements of your integrated solution. i · A state-of-the-art review of relevant ITS applications. This can encompass infrastructure based systems, real-time information systems, multimodal planning systems and others. i · An analysis of the factors that need to be considered during the implementation and operation of your proposed solution. This can be based on similar ITS applications developed around the world, or relevant academic sources.
The work needs be done in report style, not as an ESSAY and should include critical discussion of relative technologies, implementation approaches, user needs analysis and organizational requirements.
please make sure when preparing the work you would use 15 different sources including 5 academic journal papers.
I can give you 6 days starting from now.