Ritical review of research paper (Parental feeding style, energy intake and weight status in young Scottish children)

>>>PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS<<<< I am doing Msc in Nutrition and Health. Please write me a critical review of the attached research paper. Could you also find the article because I do not know how to uploaded it? This is the article I would like you to critique please: Montgomery, C., Jackson, D.M., Kelly, L.A. and Reilly, J.J. 2006 a?a Parental feeding style, energy intake and weight status in young Scottish childrenaa The British Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 96. No. 6, pp. 1149a 1153 These are the instruction and the marking scheme that you can follow: Assessment Rationale: This assessment is designed to provide an opportunity for students to apply a literature search and perform a critical review of a selected article and develop critical enquiry skills. It is expected that the essay summarises accurately the contents of an academic article in discussing, analysing and evaluating the evidence generated in the selected journal article appropriate to the studentas chosen field of study. The report will demonstrate an objective, selective, balanced and insightful critical approach to the contents of the article and include references to research issues such as rationale, methodology and findings. Assessment Task: Students must select an appropriate contemporary published academic journal article relating to their programme area subject field and perform a critical review of its contents. All work must be the studentas own and the article is selected without collaboration with other students. The critical review should be contained in a structured summary report format of approximately 2,000 words (see above) and should employ the Harvard referencing system, where appropriate. It is expected that students, not only summarise the contents and findings of the article effectively, but also appraise research issues such as rationale and the methodology used to produce the article. It is expected that students evaluate the value and significance of the substance of the article in the context of the research methods unit. A critical approach should be taken in assessing the validity and reliability of the chosen study and the appropriateness of the methods employed. The conclusion of the essay should summarise the findings and conclusions made in the article and make interpretations of these, making suggestions for any shortfalls and improvements that might have been made in the article. Where possible students are expected to follow up a maximum of two related articles referred to in the article and make comparisons between any themes of these and the chosen article. Although there are no dates stipulated for an article to be regarded as contemporary, it expected that the contents of the article have current relevance to the chosen area of study in terms of subject content and research methodology. The chosen article does not have to follow the same subject topic issues that may be used in the studentas research proposal and/or dissertation however students can select an article that can be developed through these following stages. If students are unsure if their chosen article is appropriate they can e-mail Y.Linmmu.ac.uk to receive advice and support. Assessment Criteria: Evaluation/Synthesis A summary of the coverage of rationale, the main arguments, issues and the justification of the selection of the article, identifying the significant points (20 marks) Analysis/Application Depth to which the source material has been critically analysed, evaluated and directed to the application of research activities (40 marks) Knowledge/Understanding Sufficient evidence of knowledge and understanding of the theory and subject topics included in the report in order to describe and communicate these effectively (20 marks) Presentation/Organisation Clear and concise descriptions presented using correct wording, appropriate essay structure, presentation and the inclusions of references using Harvard Referencing (20 marks) Total (100 marks) Thanks a lot.