Ritical review of the Balanced Scorecard approach

Students will develop and submit a critique of the Balanced Scorecard approach to organizational strategy. The paper will address the potential limitations of the approach, while comparing emerging approaches to organizational strategy. Students must research and discuss an example where the Balanced Scorecard approach failed to reach expectations, or where an alternative approach replaced the Balanced Scorecard within an organization. In developing their paper, students must convey an understanding of alternative approaches to organizational strategy and performance management. A potential outline for the paper is shown below:
a? Introduction
a? Limitations of the Balanced Scorecard approach
a? Potential misconceptions regarding strategic performance management
a? Compare/contrast alternative approaches to organizational strategy
a? Example of an alternative approached implemented within an industry or organization
a? Conclusion
Students must interact with multiple sources, including peer-reviewed and professional literature, in conveying their understanding of the limitations of the Balanced Scorecard approach. In presenting their findings, students must convey their knowledge of the subject matter covered by Kaplan & Norton, while also demonstrating their interaction with the relevant literature. Students may leverage the two primary texts for the course, while also conducting their own literature reviews. A suggested reading list is provided in the a?Other Resourcesa? section of this guide.
This paper represents a formal research effort at the graduate level and should adhere to APA formatting guidelines. The paper will range in length from 10-15 pages of text, not including title page, abstract, references, exhibits, or appendices.
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Kaplan, R. S. & Norton, D. P. (2001). The Strategy-Focused Organization: How balanced scorecard companies thrive in the new business environment (1st ed.). Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation