Ritical review of The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

Based on this synopsis: Kate Chopini??s writes an ironic and fast paced short story in i??The Story of an Houri??. It tells the story of a woman with a i??delicatei?? heart who receives tragic news. At first we believe the tragedy is that her husband is killed in a catastrophic accident, but the reader soon learns that the tragedy is that he is alive. All of the action of the story takes place within a specific time frame, all within the confines of the Mallard home.

Using the above synopsis, create a statement of opinion to begin the critical review. This statement should sum up your overall evaluation of the story. This one or two sentence-long statement can be used as the introduction to the review.
In the analytical body of the review, break down your evaluation of the story into sub-points arranged in paragraphs to give order, shape, and movement to review. Make sure your paragraphs are neither too short nor too long.
Present supporting evidence to support your views. Cite specific material from the story, quotations of characters if appropriate, to back up and/or illustrate your analysis.
Write in first person and use present tense to discuss the story.
Add a conclusion that brings the piece to a definite, satisfying end.