Ritical review of three seminar readings

This assessment involves writing three 500 word critical reviews based on a selection of the weekly readings.
Task 1: Select one reading from weeks 1-4 and write a 500 word (+ or a 10%) critical review
Task 2: Select one reading from weeks 5-8 and write a 500 word (+ or a 10%) critical review
Task 3: Select one reading from weeks 9-11 and write a 500 word (+ or a 10%) critical review
Total word limit: 1500 words
My review should try to address the following points:
a?The aims of the work.
a?The concepts and theories used.
a?Main forms of research undertaken by the author.
a?The main strengths and weaknesses of the work
What do we mean by a?criticallya??
a?Question the ideas and information presented in the text.
a?To comment and reflect thoughtfully by engaging in a process of analysis and evaluation
a?Make decisions/judgements about the validity of the aims, arguments/theories/concepts, and findings developed in the text.

Please see the three readings below, that the critical reviews need to be based on:

Reading One:
Kellner, D. (2004) Media Propaganda and Spectacle in the War on Iraq: a Critique of U.S. Broadcasting Networks in Cultural Studies<>Critical Methodologies. Vol. 4. Pp.329-338.

Reading two:
Poole, E. a?The Effects of September 11 and the War in Iraq on British Newspaper Coveragea in Poole, E. (ed) (2006) Muslims and the News Media. London: Tauris, Pp.89-102.

Reading three:
Cottle, S. a?Television Agora and Agoraphobia Post-September 11a in Zelizer, B & Allan, S (eds) (2002) Journalism After September 11. London: Routledge

Deadline 1st April