Required is a 2000-2250 word CRITICAL Evaluation of the attached article found in: Dallen, T and Boyd, S (2003) The Authenticity Debate(Chapter 7) in Heritage and Tourism. London, New York, Prentice Hall, p.237-256. The article is attached as a PDF file.

Ideally a first class/2i standard is required with Harvard format referencing of 8-10 sources.

It is imperative the following is included: (Detail of discussion is outlined by number of words below  approx)

1. What are the main issue, conclusions and findings that are presented in the article? (700Words)
2. How effectively are issues being considered in the article, in terms of:
a) Reference to  or parallels which can be drawn with  findings from the wider literature and/or documentaries which focus on related issues/themes?(800 Words)
b) The space which is given in the article to explore the issues at hand  i.e. should more or less space/time have been extended in critically appraising certain issues? Should certain sources and/or perspectives/images/case studies that could have developed the debate further have been consulted? (270 Words)
c) The investigative nature of the inquiry and the systematic or other ways in which the research materials have been gathered and presented/organised. Is the presentational and/or methodological style of the article problematic in any way (or not)? (125 Words)
3. What are the strengths and/or perceived weaknesses of the article? In academic terms what would you have liked to have seen more or less of? (75 Words)
4. Was the effectiveness of the article/text restricted due to the length of the article? (50Words)

In particular, assessment of the essay will be based upon the following marking criteria (not necessarily in this order of importance):

1. Understanding of the question (i.e. an understanding of what is required of a critical review of the selected article/text) and depth of analysis using relevant information and ideas;
2. Ability to critically evaluate concepts and information;
3. Clarity of assignment structure;
4. Evidence of relevant background reading/research;
5. Appropriate use of selective quotations and supporting materials such as tables, diagrams and maps wherever they are appropriate;
6. Correct referencing of sources used.
7. Spelling, grammar, style and presentation;
8. Ability to stay within the specified word limit

Useful References (other sources welcomed)

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