Ritical review on the movieThe lotterydirected by Madeleine Sackler

English 1301
Hudson Fall 2012

Essay #3

For your third essay, you will write another critical review, but this one will be a bit more challenging. You will write a critical review of The Lottery, directed by Madeleine Sackler. Be sure to refer to the guidelines and suggestions for critical review provided on your Essay 2 assignment sheet.

As we discussed in class, you are not to review The Lottery as a film; instead, you are to review Sackleras argument as it is made through the film. This can be tricky, so we will work together on how to do this in class.

Your critical review must contain the following parts:

1. An introduction (one paragraph) in which you introduce the topic, the film, and provide a thesis statement indicating your overall judgment of the filmas argument.

2. A summary of the argument of the film (one paragraph).

3. At least three body paragraphs in which you evaluate Sackleras argument. Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that clearly presents a single, logical criterion against which you will evaluate Sackleras argument, as well as a judgment based on that criterion. Each evaluative body paragraph must remain focused solely on supporting its topic sentence.

4. A conclusion (one paragraph) in which you reiterate your overall judgment of Sackleras argument and bring the essay to a satisfying close.

If you need additional help with developing ideas or in writing your critical review, do not hesitate to contact me or to take advantage of the services offered by the Writing-Reading Center in N925.

Bring a draft of your critical review to class on Wednesday, October 3 if you are in the MW class and on Thursday, October 4 if you are in the TR class. The final draft will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, October 10 if you are in the MW class and on Thursday, October 11 if you are in the TR class. Note: The final draft due date is different from the date given in the syllabus.

IMPORTANT: Essay Presentation Checklist
Your essay must conform to the following before I will accept it. If it does not, I will give it back to you and it will be counted late. Be sure to ask for clarification if you do not understand any of the features below:

i?± Your essay must be typed.
i?± Your essay must be double-spaced.
i?± Your essay must be printed in 12-point Times New Roman Font.
i?± Margins must be 1 inch.
i?± Pages must be bottom center numbered.
i?± Your name, my name, the course, and the essay number must appear in the top left of page one.
i?± The essay must have a title.
i?± The essay must NOT have a justified right margin.
i?± There must be no title page.
i?± Your essay must be top left stapled.
i?± You must not use a second-person pronoun (you/your) unless it appears in a direct quote.
i?± Your conclusion MUST NOT begin with anything like In conclusion . . . .

This assignment will help you progress toward the following English 1302 Educational Goals:

Read Effectively
a? employ effective annotating strategies
a? identify and understand a writeras position and major claims
a? produce accurate summaries and paraphrases of readings
a? synthesize and evaluate ideas from texts
a? read for a variety of purposes, as appropriate for the writing situation, i.e. as a tool of inquiry, for information, and/or as a means to build and support an argument

Write Well-Developed, Cohesive Academic Arguments
a? advance arguments that employ an explicit thesis in the introduction
a? develop supporting claims with evidence that is appropriate to an academic audience and argumentative purpose(s). This may include using a range of appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos), counter-arguments, and sources that represent an adequate range of ideas
a? observe rules regarding intellectual property and plagiarism by documenting ideas from sources using any standard documentation style for in-text citations and publication information at the end of the essay
a? integrate quotations smoothly both for meaning and grammar with appropriate signal phrases and commentary on the quotations
a? produce multiple, focused supporting paragraphs
a? produce an observable organization of ideas
a? produce an identifiable conclusion
a? practice flexible and recursive strategies such as invention, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading
a? produce clearly worded, purposely varied, mature sentences
a? use appropriate transitions between and within paragraphs
a? sustain a tone appropriate to a college essay