Ritical Review Paper on Dambisa Moyos book Dead Aid.

CONTENTS: The book review MUST HAVE 3 PARTS:

Part 1: Summary of the research question and of the argument, and theoretical framework of the book
Part 2: Internal critical evaluation of the book:
a? type of evidence used, quality of the evidence
a? case selection
a? how well does the evidence support the argument?
a? strengths of the book and glaring weaknesses, how to improve it
Part 3: A discussion of the contribution of the book to the larger debates on Globalization (citing some of the readings of the class):
a? what is the larger debate that is being addressed by this book?
a? what is its main contribution?
a? what are alternative views? With whom does the author agree and disagree?
a? what is your personal view on the better side of the debate?

Grading Criteria:

Is the research question answered?
Is there an argument presented in the first 10 lines and defended throughout the essay?
Clarity, Organization, Structure (good outline, good transitions).
Integration of class material, facts, and readings to back up the argument.

The PDFs I sent before can be used for this as well.