Ritical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions on Sports Facility

We are opening Sports Facility for School Students(1-12 grade) and for college students. In Sports Facility we will have Weight & Fitness Room, Football Module, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Baseball, and Wrestling modules. So those students come and practice and learn those sports from our facility. We will require annual or 6months membership for using our facility. I need to get 2-3 pages about what are the critical risks, problems, and assumptions associtated with our Sports Facility. Like what if someone doing practice and hurt or doing fitness and weight and hurt..what kind of insurance we need and who is liable for that. So what kind of risks and problems we can face suppose if we open this kind of facility. and who can be our competitors. Suppose small childeren come to our facility than what about pick up them after practice and what is our responsiblity for those small children who can not drive. So basically I am looking for risks, problems and what assumptions to work with that problems and risks.