Ritical Self-Reflection Paper : leadership

Your paper should contain the following components:

1) A critical self-reflection. Critical in this context means balanced. I want you to be honest and tough on yourself a Iam not evaluating you on whether or not you Are a leader”, but rather whether youave provided evidence of self-reflection, as well as integration of ideas, observations, or learning from the course, including things like leadership competencies, times youave messed up in leadership, times youave learned from others (both good and bad), and

2) Some plan for leadership/developing your leadership or looking forward to the future. The more specific the better about what you need to develop and how you will develop it, as well as opportunities you will have to practice, etc.

As for the self-reflection component, I strongly encourage you to seek feedback from peers, family members, supervisors, etc. or anyone who can give you honest and insightful feedback (and someone whom you trust). Your paper may contain not only generalizations but analyses of specific incidents or instances where you learned a lesson, developed, did something wrong, etc. To the extent that you can tie it in or use frameworks, ideas, from class, that is better