Ritical Standard of Lincolns 2nd Inaugural Address and

” Critical Standard Paper  a 3-5 page description and explanation of a rhetorical theory that will provide a basis for examining and evaluating the rhetorical artifact.

Rhetorical analysis or criticism must be based on a standard for evaluating various aspects of the rhetorical artifact s qualities (its style, argument, ethical and political implications, etc.). Essentially if this artifact is worth examining, what makes it worth examining, why is it important? Your critical standard is a theory or set of concepts that should help you answer that question for your text. At this point, you are not engaged in analysis, but in explaining the rhetorical concepts and theories you will use in that analysis. You will&
” Research a coherent set of concepts from one or more than one (related) theory.
” Explain the concepts and how others have used these concepts to better understand rhetoric. The focus should be on the concepts, not summaries of what others have researched using these concepts.
” Explain how this critical standard is applicable for analyzing your text.
” In order to make this research most productive, you should meet with your instructor prior to choosing a standard and developing this essay.

Guidelines and Requirements:
” 3-5 page essay*
” 3-5 sources  a minimum of three must be scholarly sources (text books do not count, primary sources and analyses used in class do count). Citations are required.
” The main focus of this paper is on what these concepts allow you to interpret and understand  what do they mean and why are they useful for your specific analysis.

” Analysis Paper  a 3-5 page analysis of the rhetorical artifact using the critical standard to arrive at a judgment concerning the work.

This is the preliminary version of your analysis that will appear in your final paper. You will be using the critical standard you developed to examine, interpret, and evaluate the rhetorical artifact you have chosen. This analysis should be guided by specific questions you seek to answer about your chosen artifact. Analysis is a process of discovery in which you use your critical standard to explain what it is about your artifact that makes it important, interesting, and worthy of study. You will&
” Develop a clear line (or set of related lines) of analysis.
” Use your critical standard  and the concepts and theories therein  to interpret, examine, and evaluate your artifact.

Guidelines and Requirements:
” 3-5 page essay*
” Sources as necessary  there should be few additional sources from what you used in your first two papers, but whatever sources you use must be cited appropriately.
” The main focus of the paper will be greatly dependent on what your main questions are. However, your introduction and thesis should explain what your analysis demonstrates.