Ritical success factors of credit risk management in Mashreq bank UAE

i ordered previously the thesis proposal and i need to add extra information:
1Introduction: ntroduce the study areaand define problems then summerize he objective or esearch. this section may include good framework analysis, charts…(one page)
2-Introduction to organization under study{mashreq bank} (half page)
2reseatch philosophy: this includes briefly all types of research philosophies nd then mentioning the philosophy of my research and why do researcher think that this reseach falls in this philosophy.(one and half -2 pages)
3-research strategy: includes briefly all types of strategies and methods and then mention which method the researcher will follow (one -one and half pages pages page)

the thesis name is (Critical Sucess Factors of Credit Risk Management in Mashreq bank-UAE)

i will attach the thesis proposal that your service did for me with comments on it

i dont want the whole thesis only few extra data (mentioned above is needed) beside some minor extra data which i will put it for you