Ritical Summary of The Tragedy of Commonsby Garrett Hardin

This work must be 450-500 words exactly. Read the famous essay The Tragedy of the Commons Garrett Hardin”, and write a critical summary. Please provide a clear summary of what Hardin is trying to communicate. In addition, make a point of being critical. In this context, critical does not necessarily imply being negative, but rather, being a skillful judge of the merits of the essay. In particular, Hardin wrote the essay in order to discuss the human Population problem”. It is clear that Hardin believes the spirit of his essay is applicable to many (if not all) other domains including Computer Science. Is this reasonable?

In this type of work, your point of view is not particularly relevant. That is, you are to judge the validity of argument, not whether you agree with it or not. The point is to sensibly analyze the essay.