Ritical Summary Writing for Virtual Communities

Introduce your summary with correct opening statement form
a? Include a reference at the end of your summary (use APA or another referencing style with the help of a site such as You will discuss the benefits of and/or limitations to having specific norms of behavior in on-line collaborative communities. For example, you could consider the advantages and disadvantages of a?assuming goodwilla? or a?jumping in where you can add valuea? as they are explained in the reading and as you know them from your own experience in virtual communities. Use the outline on p. 2 of this assignment to help you plan and organize your critical summary.

Outline Example for a Four-Paragraph Critical Summary
1. Summary Starting Sentence: use the one in your original summary

2. Brief Summary of the Article (summarize your summary)

3. Thesis Statement for the Critical Summary: a general statement about the pros and cons of the ideas presented in the reading (contrastive parallel thesis structure)
Body Paragraph One
1. Topic Sentence: state a strength in the information or ideas in the reading; then support this strength with examples or explanations

2. Transition to the next paragraph

Body Paragraph Two
1. Topic Sentence: state another strength or a weakness in the information or ideas in the reading; then support this strength or weakness with examples or explanations

1. Summary Statement: What are the implications of the readingas ideas? You may wish to consider the following: how will collaboration continue to shape the workplace, or how will collaboration challenge academic integrity in universities?