Ritical Synthesis #3: Communicative language teaching, critical pedagogy, postmethod pedagogy

” Compare and contrast the theories in terms of their goals and ideological positions.
” Explain where you see these theories being most useful to you as a teacher. In other words, what do you gain from adopting some/any of these theoretical perspectives?
” Explain where you see limitations in these theories. That is, in what ways might some/any of these theoretical frameworks constrain an understanding of ESL, learning, and/or teaching?
Use these articles Social Identity and Sociocultural Theory
” Pierce (1995),  Social identity, investment, and language learning
” Lantolf (2002),  Sociocultural theory and second language acquisition
Culture and Race
” Atkinson (1999),  TESOL and culture
” Kubota and Lin (2006),  Race and TESOL: Introduction to concepts and theories