Ritical theory: Naturalism in American Literature

Write a 1,000-1,250-word literary analysis of 1 of the readings.

ii) Focus your analysis on at least 3 aspects or passages from the selection. The following requirements will be considered in the evaluation of the paper. The paper should:

(1) Provide an effective introduction that introduces the story and its author, as well as a clear thesis about which critical theory will be used to examine the story.

(2) Provide a brief overview of the literary theory.

(3) Provide a fully developed analysis of elements of the story using the theory effectively.

(4) Include textual evidence from the story to support the analysis.

(5) Organize the paper logically and clearly, and include an effective conclusion.

(6) The paper should have clear sentences and be relatively free of grammatical and spelling errors.

iii) Prepare this assignment according to the MLA guidelines

Frank Norris Zola as a Romantic Writer”
Theodore Dreiser True Art Speaks Plainly”
Jack London The Law of Life”
Edith Wharton Roman Fever”

Choose one of the critcal theory:
Freduian Criticism
Marxist Criticism
Psychological Criticism
Reader-Response Criticism