Ritical Thinking Adeno Carcinoma of the Left Lung with metastasis to the brain, and spleen

Case Study: Mr. Jones is a 75-year-old male widower with the admitting diagnosis of Adeno Carcinoma of the Left Lung with metastasis to the brain, and spleen.

His past medical history includes:
a? Atrial fibrillation treated with digozin
a? High blood pressure treated with Lasix
a? COFD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). He has been using an Albuterol Inhaler
a? Recently quit cigarette smoking after 55 years due to the diagnosis.

Mr. Jones lives alone. The discharge planner expressed concern about Mr. Jones not having any money for food, despite the fact he lives in a very affluent area. He has no primary caretaker. Mr. Jones refuses admission to a unit. He is aware of his terminal illness and expresses the wish that he wants to die at home.

Read the assigned case study.

Using at least 6 outside resources (see criteria below for resources), analyze the case, as follows:
a? Identify a range of interventions to be considered in dealing with/treating the patient.
a? Compare and contrast the interventions identified.
a? Select intervention you think is most appropriate and explain why.
a? Indicate the expected outcome of the most appropriate intervention (what do you want to accomplish or improve with your intervention?).
a? Indicate how you will measure whether/how well the intervention worked.

Criteria for outside resources:
a? Your sources must be drawn from peer-reviewed journals
a? You must access at least 3 of your sources using on-line tools. Be sure your reference page indicates the sources you accessed electronically.

The format of your paper is as follows:
a? Title page
a? Abstract
a? Three, single-spaced pages of text
a? A reference section/page (bibliography)
a? APA format used throughout