Ritical Thinking and analyzing financial statement

You will use critical thinking skills to analyze several financial statement trends, an important first step
in financial analysis of company data.
Choose two public companies of your choice from one of the business financial database websites and explain how the following financial statements are necessary for strategic business decisions. Home Depot and Lowes is fine.

Explain how the financial statements are necessary for strategic business decisions:
i · This should be your thesisa In your introductory paragraph you state your overall intention in
the essay.
i · Then in the main body of your essay, address all the questions.
i · For your conclusion, summarize what you have described as to how this information is helpful
in making better strategic management and personal investment decisions.

Each paragraph should have at least foura five sentences.
i · Paragraphs 1a 2: Introduce your topic
i · Paragraphs 2a 5: Provide support for your argument
i · Paragraphs 5a 7: Provide a conclusion

Using critical analysis write an expository essay that addresses the items on the checklist and the
critical elements found below. An expository essay means investigating the topic, analyzing the data
or information, supplying the results of your analysis, and supporting your position.
i · Review the financial statements below from two separate public companies by locating
this information on the internet from a financial database. Review the financial
statements (as specified below) from the last three years.
i · Examine the following financial statements for each company:
Statement of cash flow
Balance sheet
Income statement
i · Determine if there is an overall trend in each statement for each company over the
three-year period. Based on your analysis of the data, how is this knowledge helpful to
management in making strategic business decisions?
i · How might such an analysis be helpful to you as a current or future investor in a
Respond in a 1a 2 page APA formatted and citation styled, expository essay