Ritical Thinking by apply concepts,theories and empirical knowledge from the news media

1. The paper will consist of a sociological analysis of two articles or other items from the popular news media. You may choose your own article(s) or pick from a list.

2. The purpose of the third paper is to practice critical thinking by applying concepts, theories and empirical knowledge from the course to current events as reported in the news media. You will analyze two articles from the popular press about the same subject, either from the list I will post later in the semester, or that you select (the list will be posted a few weeks before the assignment is due). If you choose your own articles, make sure they are related to a topic weave covered in the course and include copies or links to them when you turn in your paper.
Journalistic writing and reporting is often very different from sociological writing, although the topics may be the same.
Your analysis should discuss the articles in light of what we have read and discussed about a particular topic in class. What concepts and information from class relate to your articles? How is the material relevant? What insight does it offer? If you are writing about a current event, it will be helpful to provide a bit of background for context. When you analyze the articles, it will be helpful first to identify which concepts and theories are relevant for understanding your topic and apply to your articles. If you are having trouble, here are some suggestions for questions you might address in your paper:
What is the main idea presented in the article? How does it correspond to what weave emphasized as sociologically important about the topic in class?
Do you think the article presents an empirically accurate picture of the phenomena it describes or the generalizations it makes?

3. Explain why or why not.
How is the issue presented in the articles? Is there an effort to present the issue in a politically a?balanceda? or a?neutrala? way? Does the article take a political stance? Who is the intended audience? How does the perspective of the article compare to how sociologists have framed the issue?

4. I will attch about information.