Ritical Thinking: Ethics and Ethical Behavior

TOPIC: Critical Thinking: Ethics and Ethical Behavior

Overview: Police officers are disproportionately responsible for citizens opinions about the entire justice system. Therefore, when an officer is accused of wrong doing, the integrity of policing within a community is at stake. However, what exactly constitutes unethical behavior that can vary from person to person.

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Assignment: Write a paper in which you analyze ethics and its relation to law enforcement officers in the field. In addition, include a response to the following:
A. Discuss what unethical police behaviors are of particular concern to you and give examples to justify your thoughts.
B. Does the public unreasonably hold police officers to an unrealistic standard of ethics? Why or why not?
Does the news media unfairly sensationalize stories of police misconduct? If so, how?
C. Support your paper with at least seven (7) scholarly resources within the last 5 years. In addition to these specified resources, include the above readings in text and in the reference page for a total of 12 references.