Ritical thinking exerciseabout story attached in instructions box.

Case # 5 NAA 100
Critical thinking exercise

The Farmer
Mr. Simpson has lived on the outskirts of a rural community all of his life.
His farm was a huge success and was given to him by his mother and father. He loved farming and he could make anything grow. He married young as most farmers did, in his time. Mr. Simpson and his wife Ethel had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Unfortunately none of them had a passion for farming except one. The one son Harry stayed on the farm (42 years old) and helped when he felt like it. As Mr. Simpson aged he continued to run the farm and to take vegetables to sell at the local farmers market, twice weekly. His wife also helped with the crops, she won many ribbons and money, for her prized jelly, jams and quilts. The Simpsons did well with the farm for years; they scrimped and saved their money. One goal they had was to see the ocean; they put all of their extra money into this fund every year, they now had ,000.
Ethel Simpson became ill and was hospitalized in the summer the next year, for renal failure and had to obtain dialysis twice weekly. In order to keep the farm operational, Robert Simpson asked his son if he would take the vegetables to market twice weekly for him. The son refused and continued to do nothing to help around the farm. Harry the son had his own farm to work but he didnt tell Mr. Simpson. Mr. Simpson farm consisted of over 60 acres of land and some areas he had not visited in years due to aging mostly. In the lower part of land the son had converted into a marijuana field and meth lab.
One day in July, the heat from the weather heated areas all over the rural areas and an explosion occurred. A law enforcement helicopter, sheriff car, State troopers and other law enforcement, descended on the rural farm, in Kentucky. Harry was arrested, for manufacturing meth and growing marijuana, but so was Mr. Simpson. Why? Because he owned the land, Harry told the court that his father knew about the drugs on his land. Mr. Simpson had to hire a lawyer with his special ocean fund. His wife was so critically ill that she had to be placed in a nursing home.
Although the other children knew about the problems the Simpsons were having, they did not come to see about them nor Ethel Simpson. Mr. Simpson had to sell the farm because he had pay contamination fees which were in the $$ thousands and nursing home fees for his wife. The son was sent to prison and the other children demanded their share of the family farm. Know one got what they wanted, Mr. Simpson moved in the same nursing home that his wife was in.

The moral of the story: What do you think should have happened?
Questions: What do you think the moral of the story should be? And why?

1.) Do you think that Mr. Simpson should have kicked the son to the curb, years ago?
2.) Do you think that the Simpsons should have spent the ocean money earlier, instead of saving for so long? Why? Older persons save for a rainy day, how much is too much?
3.) Do you feel the other children did their part in helping? Should they have been given a share?
4.) What would you have done differently if you were Simpsons?
*5.) Anyone research to find out how much it cost in KY to do a contamination removal of meth? Is land forever labeled contaminated, after the sell? Where did you get the information?

It is to be done one page or more with details on what you have learned, such as: What is done for patients on dialysis? This is a critical thinking procedure. Do not number the case story; write it as if you are telling a story. Please tell  how you felt about the situation . The study should flow from one thought to another, without numbers.