Ritical Thinking in the Classroom Management Blooms Taxonomy as a Learning Tool.

Note: All assignments should be completed and submitted using MS Word unless otherwise directed. Charts or relevant graphics may be incorporated into the Word document as needed for illustration of points. All relevant information for the response should be contained in a single file.

In this unit, you will continue creating an instructional design document. You are responsible for creating part of the design phase associated with the ADDIE model. The Guide to a Systematic Instructional Design Process is available to serve as a quick reference guide for initiating an instructional design project based on the ADDIE model and incorporating electronic learning and performance support tools. To access the Guide to Instructional System Design, click here.

For this part of your instructional design, you are responsible for the following tasks:

Design organizational strategy characteristics.
Design delivery strategy characteristics.
Remember to pay close attention to issues of aligning the instruction with standards, goals, objectives, and taxonomic levels. Additionally, pay attention to structure, sequence, pacing, instructional methods, and media choices. Remember to adequately support your design decisions.
Show how organizational strategy and delivery strategy are coordinated and integrated in the design plan.
Remember that you are working toward a unit length design document for this assignment.
The remainder of your instructional design will be completed in Unit 5.

This document should be a single Word file. You may use graphic content, along with text, to complete this assignment.

You should use APA documentation format to cite and reference any resources for which citation may be useful in the instructional design process. You do not, however, need to use APA manuscript format for the report layout. This report is a practical work document, and may be formatted to suit the information