Ritical Thinking Model 3 SLP Deductive and Inductive Argumens

For the Module 3 SLP, your task is to submit a 1 page outline of your Final SLP essay which references both sides of the controversy. There are several purposes to outlining. Here is a resource as a reminder of this basic writing skill and device Developing an Outline.

Your outline should take the following form:
I. Brief introduction to topic
II.Description of controversy over the topic A. Arguments one side of controversy
B. Arguments on other side of controversy

III. Your position on controversy
IV. Conclusion

SLP Assignment Expectations
1. It should be clear in your outline that your position was reached by carefully weighing arguments on both sides of the controversy.
2. From reading your essay it should be clear that you understand arguments on both sides of the argument.
3. References should be cited properly in the text of your essay, as well as at the end.
4. Several scholarly references should be cited for each assignment.
5. With the exception of the Final Argumentative Essay (i.e., Module 5 SLP) your response to each modular component of the SLP should be a maximum of 3 pages in length unless otherwise stated.