This assignment requires you to critically analyze and argue a business, social and/or political issue as it relates to your future profession, an industry or organization and write a persuasive in-depth article for a publication like  The Economist. Your audience, thus, is the general public interested in international economic, political, environmental, corporate, and cultural issues (professionals, professors, students, etc.). Your topic is of interest to the international community, but can be country specific.
While you re aiming to present a balanced argumentation, your opinion should be easily distinguishable. Make sure you don t commit reasoning fallacies, or base your argument on assumptions, but present sound support for your argument.
You must find at least four current sources that apply to your topic. To get started, spend some time in Crocker library and browse through different magazines and trade publications and read Fortune Magazine, The Economist, etc.. Finalize your topic choice.
As mentioned above, even though this paper should be primarily business related, issues addressed can include ethical, social and political aspects. For example, examine long-term effects on the Chinese and the world economy caused by China s one-child policy that was established in 1979. Or you can look at commercial real estate, arguably one of the next  bubbles to burst. Or you could examine the effects of the business of counterfeit products, which has international implications. Of course, these are just a few examples choose a topic that you re are interested in and eager to explore.
As far as your sources are concerned, you ll want to evaluate their  soundness and credibility (What sources are the articles based on? Does the content have merit, is anything deceptive? Do you agree or disagree? Do the authors leave anything unanswered? etc.) No matter if you refute viewpoints, acknowledge or agree with them, or put a different twist to them, your goal is to convince your readers of the importance of the issue, to present your opinion and to successfully prove your points.
Your argument must explore its subject in sufficient depth and debate it. Your evidence needs to be bulletproof to withstand an opponents counterattack you want to come across as a well-informed analyst and your opinion is valued.
Writing Guidelines
To ensure that your paper presents an analysis as well as a logical argument, you should:
1. Identify your issue
2. Identify the reasons that support your conclusion
3. Evaluate the evidence and reasons supporting the issue(s) or reasoning in the article
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4. Discuss all sides of the issue (refute opposing points of view)
5. Deliver your opinion
Paper Format
 Your paper should include:
1. An abstract (we ll go over this in class)
Word count limit: 80 +/10%
2. A title that gives your reader a clear idea of your paper s content
3. Informative headings as appropriate
4. Formal referencing and a  Works Cited page in MLA format (sources must be as recent as possible)
Other Requirements
 Length: approx. 4 pages, single spaced
 Sources: at least 4 (journal, periodical and newspaper articles, interviews, case studies, etc.).
 Font: Times Roman (or its equivalent), 12 point, Arial for title and headings
 Name: Right upper corner first page
Points: 160 points
Due Dates:
Topic brainstorm: (must post a Journal entry by 3/23)
Final paper: Thursday, 4/1