Ritical Thinking Questions Strategy and Competition

Answer the following questions:

1. What kind of changes occurs in the competitive environment when an industry begins to mature? (List changes as bullet points following with short explanation)
2. When and why is liquidation a last-resort strategic option?
3. How does internet technology impact company and industry value chain? (list impacts as bullet point following with short explanation)
4. Identify different ways that traditional businesses can incorporate use of the internet in their basic competitive strategy? (again use bullet point for different ways)
5. When does it make good strategic sense for a company to consider diversification? (list reasons as bullet points following with short explanation)
6. What are the disadvantages of strategy of unrelated diversification? (bullets and short explanation)
7. What are the traits of core competence? What is involved in building and strengthening a core competence? (bullets and short explanation)
8. What is meant by empowerment? How does it differ from delegation of authority?
9. How do policies and procedures aid the task of implementing and executing strategy?
10. Why does it make sense to create some job anxiety, insecurity, and stress as a part of a company s motivational and reward scheme for promoting competent strategy execution? (bullets and short explanation)