Ritical Thinking Topic / Argumentation Essay Project

This is a two part Essay. Part 1 is a 200 300 word descrption of Part 2 Essay. Then Part 2 will be the controversial issue Essay. Please pick a very argumentative topic. The instructions are listed below.

Critical Thinking Peer Review
This discussion is meant to help you shape ideas for your Argumentation Essay, which you will write in Unit 6:

In your discussion posting, name an issue that you might like to write about and say how you would think critically about it.
Respond to at least one other learners assignment. Say what you think is most clear. Say where you have less certainty about the answers to the assignment questions. Your posting should address a majority of the questions posed above.


Critical Thinking Topic

Consider a controversial issue that you might like to write about in Unit 6:

In a separate document, name an issue that you might like to write about and say how you would think critically about it.
Keep in mind the following questions:
What aspects of the issue would you need to analyze and interpret for your audience?
How would you evaluate the argument you want to make for credibility?
What conclusions might you draw about this issue by way of inference?
What parts of your reasoning process would you need to explain to your audience so that they would understand how you arrived at your conclusion?
What reasoning processes are you aware of as you review your own thinking about this issue?
If you have questions about your choice for the topic of this paper, consult with your instructor.


Argumentation Essay Project Description and Scoring Guide

Argumentation Essay Project Description and Scoring Guide
We engage in argumentation when we:

Hold a deep belief.
Advocate for a policy.
Want to make a case for one side or the other of a controversial issue.
When we engage in argumentation, we start by making a claim about what is true, appropriate, or valuable. It is important to understand that these arguments do not involve a choice between only two options: true or false, for or against, good or bad. Instead, the positions we argue can be located anywhere along a spectrum between these binary opposites they are nuanced and specific, accepting some tenets of a general argument while rejecting others. In argumentation, our readers expect us to provide clear reasoning and empirical evidence that is consistent with our position.

Project Objectives
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

Present a clear assertion of your position.
State your argument with a reasonable tone.
Present a list of strong reasons that justify your argument.
Provide convincing evidence in support of these reasons.
Refute possible opposing positions.

Project Requirements
Format your paper as follows:

Length is 2 3 pages, excluding references.
Use APA (5th ed.) guidelines.
Use a 12-point font.
Double-space lines.
Set the top margin at 1.5 inches and the remaining margins at 1 inch