Ritical views of Judith Sargent Murray( rough draft )

I need a rough draft comparing and contrasting the various critical views of the work. I need you to attempt to determine the critical opinion and taste to which the work did or did not appeal. Place the work historically by telling how it was viewed at the time of the publication and how much its changed over the years. How is this text relevant, and will it remain relevant. Also include important biograghical information about the author. Of the five pages one of them needs to be a reflection Which should include (A big problem you had writing the topic,A risk you took,How you tried to my the assignment your own,Where you surrendered to your intellect and emotions,how you would improve on the essay if you had more time).

the work is Judith Sargent Murray Equality of sexes”

Annotated Bibliography

Cleary, Patricia. Journal of American History, Mar99, Vol.85 Issue 4, p 1580-1581, 2p

Being born into an elite family Judith was aware that even she was denied a formal education. While she received little formal education her younger brother had many tutors and attended Harvard. This disturbing fact is what led her to urge womenas education. She believed she believed that educated mothers would be able to better raise well-adjusted children. It was also believed that educated women could support their families if the need arose, or achieve economic independence if they chose to stay single. It is asserted that feminine virtues and values would still be in-tact. Educating women would help both men and women alike. Men would have partners who contribute more and women would have more control over their lives. I will use this to illustrate the motivation for the work.

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The work a?The Equality of Sexesa? reveals her feminist leanings. It is written that Judithas work reflects a distinctly national perspective. During the time of her work most women probably felt that they were being held back by society. During that time there was also a lot of indifference and contempt to work produced by women. Her essays were first written and published under a fake male name. Judith eventually exposed herself and in a way it proved that her writings were just as good as a manas. She was widely known because she was one of very few female writers at the time. Her works were a stepping stone to changing the country. I will use this to introduce her work.

Gardner, Marilyn. Christian Science Moniter. 3/29/2000, vol.92 Issue 88, p13.OP Photograph, 1 black and white photograph.

The writer of this article argues that Judith Sargent Murray faded into obscurity after her death. An example was used of an undergrad studying history and women studies of whom had no idea who Judith was. It is written that maybe if she were a white male author she would be well remembered. The statement implies that the gender inequality in this country still exists. Nevertheless the article goes on to describe her as one of the three outstanding women of their time. The undergrad who was formerly ignorant of Judithas existence is now the nationas foremost Murray scholar. She is determined to make Murray a respected figure in history books. I will use this to elaborate on gender inequality and why this work is necessary.

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According to the editor this work was provocative and explained that women possessed the same wit and intelligence as men. The ways in which itas expressed is through reason, imagination, and intelligence. Also it explained that women had been deprived of the education necessary to apply their talents towards worthy goals. Itas saying that educated women would be better able to contribute to the world and to the home. These women would be better able to raise their children to become productive members of society. The idea was persuasive and caused her work to be widely published throughout New England. The idea that women were the caretakers in the home was widely accepted during that time. So the idea that educated women could produce more well-adjusted children would be accepted also. Iam going to use this work to describe the significance of the Judithas work.

Murray, Judith Sergent ; Harris, Sharon M. In: Women writers in English 1350-1850. New York: Oxford University Press.1995.ebook

This work implies that it is not logical to say that the minds of females are deficient when intellectual powers come from many sources such as imagination, reason, memory and judgment. In this editorial the writer states that there no way women can be inferior mentally. The writer claims that women have creative capacity for inventive scandal, and that it takes a creative mind to devise such things. It is also written that the tasks that are given to women such as knitting, and housework donat allow them to employ their creative intellect. The judgment of inferiority is not a fair one. According to the text a? We can only reason what we know and if the opportunity for acquiring knowledge has been denied us, the inferiority of our sex cannot be fairly deduced from thencea? . This is a strong argument because women need a chance to prove their equality before a judgment can be made. Imagination and creativity were not the only of these that women possess but also reason, memory and judgment. I would use this to further defend my argument.

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The Editor talks about Judithas privileged background and how she was able to attain her education. Her family allowed her to study with her brother. In this time both boys and girls were taught to read but only boys were taught to write so this was a great opportunity for her. Based on the fact that Murray was able to learn to write , it implied that both men and women have an equal capacity for learning. It was also stated that because of the notion of inferiority the world was denied to contributions that women had to offer. Also if women were educated men would have more interesting partners. Everyone desires personal independence and self-development. Womenas education would also help others in the world. I would use this to help with the body of the paper.

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